BMW M3 GTS with 450 HP

BMW M3 GTS with 450 HP

The BMW M3 GTS with 450 HP with a racing car with road permission. The new M3 GTS is built in a small series. This car will transform the streets to race track.

The M3 coupe has 30 hp less. All the key data of the new BMW sports car, keep in secret.
The weight was reduced to less than 1500 kilograms, expanded unnecessary things like rear seats are.

115 000 euros for a mere preference in less than four seconds to 100 km catapulted The “0815” M3 is at 250 km / h abgeregelt, the GTS will move close to the 330-km/h-Marke.
In February 2010, the new BMW M3 GTS will roll out to dealers.

BMW M3 GTS Video

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